We are fortunate to work with some great companies worldwide and are very proud to support their businesses. Our work varies from client to client so this is just a glimpse at some of the wonderful words that have been said about us.

Whilst we don't disclose our past or current client names, these examples are all real. We would be more than happy to get permission from one of our current clients to give you an up-to-date testimonial if you felt it necessary.

Current Client - Devon, UK

I recently made the decision to transform a crafting hobby into a start-up business but didn’t anticipate the workload that would come with it. By spending time perfecting the craft and creating the products to sell, it became apparent very quickly that I simply didn’t have the time to do the general admin that comes with running a small business. This is when Virtually Green stepped in. They picked up all the admin I’d been struggling, and in truth, failing to do and now I use Virtually Green regularly to keep on top of my social media account, to generate quotes, invoices and administrative documents as well as support in other areas of my life. I’m now in a position where both the business and the creation are managed successfully. Without Virtually Green I’m sure the business would have crumbled at the first hurdle. Now I can focus my attention on creating some unique and wonderful pieces knowing that all the business admin is done too. It’s an added bonus to know that by using Virtually Green I am regularly contributing to the planting of more trees which in today’s society needs to be encouraged more.  

Current Client - Sydney, Australia

As a small business owner, I had always imagined being in control of every aspect of my business. However, after learning the hard way, I realized all too quickly that this wasn’t realistic, and juggling everything at once whilst managing an increase in new business wasn’t practical.  

Virtually Green have assisted me in so many areas. They’ve implemented new processes, streamlined systems, developed a new filing and organizational system across all departments, as well as overseeing the business accounting and finances and general administrative support. When our core values aligned, I knew they’d be an excellent fit to work with as I am also passionate about sustainability and their green ethos encapsulates all I believe in. 

The VG team have been efficient, meticulous and innovative and I’d have been hard pushed to achieve my never-ending to-do list without their support. I adore working with them and I know it is money well spent as their experience is invaluable.  With their help I am now able to appreciate the time I do have. Allowing me to use my time wisely and doing tasks I enjoy and feel energized by. Working on my business rather than within it. 

Current Client -