Our Green Ethos

"In a world where you can be anything be kind”.  Not just to others but also to the planet.  We are proud to offer a fantastic virtual assistant service but want to ensure that this is not at detriment to the environment.  We believe it is our responsibility to reduce the carbon footprint of our business and where possible that of our clients.  As a small sustainable business, we take all the steps necessary to reduce our environmental impact.  We are pleased to be the UK's leading eco-friendly VA company and work hard to ensure all our practices are as eco-friendly as possible. 

How we're eco-friendly


In a bid to reduce our carbon footprint we use 100% green electricity and carbon offset the gas we use to minimise our environmental impact even further.  We also work hard to reduce our energy usage by investing in LED bulbs, embracing natural light and switching off machines when not in use.

Office Supplies

The majority of our work is done digitally and sent electronically.  Consequently, we do not require the usual stationery that can be found in most offices. There are no paperclips, post-it notes, staplers or highlighter pens here.  Alongside  100g Hairy Manilla paper we use 100% recycled Hairy Manilla envelopes and remanufactured ink cartridges.   Our very basic office supplies allow us to save money, conserve resources and help the environment. 


We strive to be a completely paperless business.  Modern technology means that documents can be created, shared and archived without ever having to put pen to paper.  On the rare occasion when only paper will do, we use 100g Hairy Manilla made from 100% post-consumer waste.  We also reuse and recycle any paper which is sent to us.

Search Engine

Where internet research is required, our first port of call is Ecosia.  Ecosia uses the income generated from search ads to support 20 tree-planting projects across 15 countries.  They are working hard to reach their target of one billion trees planted. Occasionally we will need to revert to more recognised search engines such as Google, but we are proud to support a company that uses its profits to plant trees.


As we are a virtual business, we can forgo the daily commute.  This helps us lower our carbon emissions and reduce our carbon footprint.   We also try to avoid work related travel.  Video conferencing software and instant messaging services mean that we can communicate with clients around the globe without ever leaving the office. When travel is a must we aim to use public transport, most notably buses and trains. 

Green Businesses

Some of our clients work in the creative sectors and require us to source suppliers or products.  We try to practice green procurement and work hard to offer eco-alternatives when tangible products are a must.  We can also offer help and support to other businesses who are trying to go green.   Having completed several short courses centred on promoting sustainability in business we can provide tips and advice to companies trying to reduce their carbon footprint.  

Charitable Donations

Whilst we are very proud of our sustainable practices, we still produce carbon emissions.   To help mitigate our environmental impact we donate a percentage of our earnings to World Land Trust.  The money donated helps fund impactful conservation projects, with a focus on protecting and restoring some of the world’s most diverse habitats.  For more information please see our charity commitments page.


We are proud to be affiliated with Grow Green South West and Exeter City Futures who encourage businesses to embrace a greener, smarter future. We are also members of the Society of Virtual Assistants and We are Virtual Assistants.